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Management Agreements

Have you ever thought it would be nice to have an extra set of hands on your leadership team? Independent physician practices come in all shapes and sizes and have a variety of management needs.  Pro Fee partners with your existing leadership team to add expertise where and when you need it at a fraction of the cost of adding another full-time executive.

Revenue Cycle Optimization

Do you have an interest in making sure your practice is getting paid for all of the hard work you already do?  Pro Fee provides revenue cycle assessments to help diagnose the problems plaguing your practice's revenue cycle.  We then partner with your practice to implement customized solutions to optimize your revenue cycle and tailed dashboard to help you sustain the gains.  

Leadership Development

Struggling to attract and retain the right talent to meet your practices needs?  Or looking for options to support leadership development for your team? Pro Fee partners with practices to provide custom professional development learning opportunities and executive coaching to set your team on the right track.  Pro Fee can support team development, Myers-Briggs evaluation and application, as well as conflict resolution.  Training and coaching on our unique customer experience model with influences from the hotel industry is also available to support leadership development and a culture of service excellence. 

Financial Turnarounds

Is it the best of times or the worst of times?  Pro Fee is a trusted resource your practice can turn to when you need hands on help to bring your practice's financials back in alignment with your goals.  Pro Fee has experience leading multi-million dollar turnarounds and can bring that expertise to you.

Board Development

Are the same topics coming to your practice's board meetings month after month without resolution? Running a successful independent physician practice requires a well-structured and high-functioning board.  Pro Fee works with physician boards to help develop effective team dynamics, decision-making workflows and processes to set your team up for success. 

Overhead Management

Wondering what the secret is to staffing to patient demand for your practice? We know that patient wait times on the phone, at registration, in the lobby, in the exam room, and at imaging are a common source of patient complaints.  The interesting aspect of this problem is that most practices have as many employees (fully loaded) in the practice at any given time as they do patients, yet patients do not experience a high quality 1 on 1 experience throughout the clinic.  Instead patients experience short transactional encounters with various functional employees. Pro Fee utilizes advanced algorithims customized to your practice patterns to help you solve the staffing puzzle. 

Strategic Advisory Services

Which path to choose?  Is the road less traveled the right choice for your practice?  Planning for your practice's future is more important now than ever. Pro Fee provides market insights and industry knowledge to help share options for the path forward for your practice - all customized to your practice's unique culture and goals. 


Debating the impact and merits of online ads, search engine optimization and a mail campaign?  Pro Fee helps cut to the chase with data.  Our approach to marketing is unique.  Think of it as adding Big Data to On Point Messaging.  What do you get?  SmartMed Marketing that helps your practice market to the right stakeholders in your market at the right time.  The ROI speaks for itself.

Asset Efficiency 

Is your practice making the most of their valuable assets? Historical access to capital has helped the industry invest in healthcare assets.  Some of these assets provide a value and others are just shiny trinkets.   As margins tighten individual providers become challenged in their debt coverage and liquidity.  As high deductible insurance plans expand there will be a new competition not just around patient experience, affordability, and access but also asset utilization.  Retailers entering the healthcare space average $2 in revenue for every $1 in asset; while healthcare providers tend to produce less than $1 in revenue for every $1 in asset.  Pro Fee provides support to practices interested in innovative options to maximize their revenue and asset efficiency.